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Changes for version 3.07.01

  • add integrated help
  • add mini testrunner for easier debugging
  • improve standards compliance of the XML exporter
  • various minor fixes

Changes for version 3.06.04:

  • make everything run with normal user priviledges. Before, at least power user priviledges were required.

Changes for version 3.06.03:

  • some minor fixes in the installer

Changes for version 3.06.02:

  • the installer will now ask before overwriting existing vbUnit Templates
  • error descriptions now include the error number
  • bringing the TestRunner to a complete halt when the debugger was stopped has been improved
  • if the Add-In window is closed before running tests, it will close again after the tests are finished and there were no errors or failures (this can be turned on or off in the options dialog)
  • the "call export modules" field in the Options dialog now accepts (shift-) return as well as "|" to separate multiple entries
  • the "Logger" export module now has an option to keep the logfile below a certain maximum size
  • added new method "IAssert.DisablePrintMsg" to complement EnablePrintMsg
  • the time for running all tests is now displayed in the add-in window
  • TestResult has a new property called "RunTime" that returns time for running all tests in milliseconds
  • the program "StartVBUnit.exe" should now be used instead of "RunVBUnit.exe" to start the debugger, since it will not open a console window

Changes for version 3.06.01:

  • added the file TestResultExport.dll to the distribution to allow runTestSuiteDemo.bat to work
  • the installer now changes the path to point to vbUnit3\bin.  As a result of that, the TestProjects now only have to point to RunVBUnit.exe without specifying its location. This will allow to run the same TestSuite on several computers with different locations of vbUnit3.
  • the installer now tries different ways of finding the template path to support a wider range of system configurations. With previous versions templates were sometimes not correctly installed when the installer didn't find the template path.
  • all documents now have a printable version that can be accessed through a field in the lower left corner of the page

Changes for version 3.06.00:

  • improved the search algorithm for code lines of failed string comparisons (which would sometimes fail with specific long strings)
  • fixed problem with display of Japanese characters
  • the "Copy All" command no longer changes the current selection
  • there are now different line numbers for errors, assertions and messages, and they start with 1 instead of 0
  • It is now possible to pass parameters to Export Modules, for example to specify a target file
  • upon popular request, the progress bar now starts green and becomes red when there is an error or failure
  • the Framework will now ignore the case of TestMethods, so any public method that starts with "test" in any case is a TestMethod
  • PrintMsg now supports multiple lines (separated with vbCrLf)
  • added a folder "Unsupported Tools" to the distribution that contains two small utilities that are sometimes useful
  • Trace Messages are now displayed for Failures as well (but only if they are different from the default). This makes it possible to use dynamic messages for assertions without losing the code line matching, and it also makes it easier to trace the origins of assertions called by several TestMethods:
    'new for 3.05.02: Trace Messages are now also shown for assertions
    Public Sub TestLoopTrace()
    Dim l As Long
      For l = 1 To 3
        m_assert.Trace "LoopCount" & l
        m_assert.LongsEqual 0, l, "chkLoop", vbUnit_Assertion
      Next l
    End Sub

    This will produce:

    TestHighlightCode.TestLoopTrace : expected '0' but was '1' : chkLoop : LoopCount1
    : expected '0' but was '2' : chkLoop : LoopCount2
    : expected '0' but was '3' : chkLoop : LoopCount3

  • failed string comparisons will now be displayed with the differences highlighted (if the strings are similar, but not identical).
    So instead of this:

    but was:


    You will see this:

    but was:

Changes for version 3.05.01:

  • fixed a bug that caused failed comparison assertions to be displayed incorrectly in the vbUnit2 TestRunner.

Changes for version 3.05.00:

  • This is the first official non-beta version!
  • fixed the paths to RunVBUnit.exe in the tutorial projects
  • revised the tutorial and made several small corrections
  • fixed a bug that caused all the windows to open when searching for a failed assertion. Now the windows stay closed (thanks to Jeff Grigg for insisting that this should be fixed)
  • fixed a bug that prevented matching source lines that came right after a comment
  • removed flicker when clearing the result
  • changed the interface such that it is now possible to use the cursor keys inside the Results window. The same change allows to select text in the Results window with click-hold-and-drag. Previously it was click-release-clickAgain-hold-drag.
  • introduced Export Modules to allow saving the TestResults to files, databases, XML, etc.
  • setting the default path when running tests in the debugger now works even when there is no compiled TestDll present
  • added the new comparison method IAssert.CurrenciesEqual to compare the Currency data type

Changes for version 3.04.09:

  • Documentation!
  • The options dialog of the vbUnit Add-In now has a field for the parameter "Max. String Width". This is the maximum number of characters that the strings of a failed StringsEqual assertion can have before the line is broken into several lines.
  • BugFix: Setting the directory to the location of the compiled TestDll didn't work properly.
  • BugFix: vbUnit can now run in user mode (NT4), or in power-user mode (Win2000). The last version could only run in administrator mode.
  • Added an installer.
  • Added the modified vbUnit2 TestRunner to the package. This is still mostly the original code from Brad Taylor, but I made it compatible with vbUnit3 and fixed the problem with events.
  • The Open Source version is now available separately.
  • BugFix: The results window had a problem with some escape sequences and with curly braces.
  • some minor internal bugfixes.