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Custom blockchain development company in USA


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vbUnit3 Professional

The enhanced vbUnit3 Framework with full integration into the VB IDE for very fast test iterations and comfortable viewing of your results. This package includes:

  • vbUnit3 Framework with complete source code and unit tests
  • vbUnit3 TestRunner with IDE integration and command line support (30-day evaluation version)
  • sample export modules with source code and unit tests
  • full documentation including the vbUnit3 tutorial
  • project and class templates

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You will need an evaluation key to install the product, and you can get it here.

The retail version of vbUnit3 Professional can be ordered here.

If you don't need the VB6 AddIn that provides the IDE integration of the TestRunner and test results, you can download vbUnit3 Basic (which contains only the vbUnit3 testing framework) here.

System Requirements

vbUnit3 requires an existing installation of Visual Basic 6.0 with Visual Studio Service Pack 5 or 6 to work correctly. To view the included documentation, Internet Explorer 6 or higher should be installed.
vbUnit3 has been tested to function correctly on the following operating systems:
Windows NT4 (SP6)
Windows 2000 (SP4)
Windows XP (SP2)