Custom blockchain development company in USA

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Key Features

  • full integration into the Visual Basic IDE for fast turnaround cycles
  • automatic extraction of TestMethods using Java-like reflections
  • enhanced support for running tests in the debugger and stepping through code
  • color-coded results display for quick visual feedback
  • double-clicking on a result highlights the corresponding code line
  • extensive documentation and a step-by-step unit testing tutorial

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vbUnit3 helps to write and run automated unit tests against Visual Basic and COM objects. It is especially designed for incremental development with the "Test First" approach, where tests for each object are written before the implementation, and where all tests are run after each change, but it is also suitable for other forms of regression testing.

Using vbUnit3 can dramatically improve the quality of your code by allowing:
  • precise specifications of your programming goals
  • immediate feedback if your code is working
  • confidence to make large changes to the code
  • controlled bugfixes
  • shared code ownership

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If you have any comments, suggestions, thoughts, praise, or criticism about vbUnit3, please don't hesitate to send it to [email protected].
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